Jual Murah Resin Mounting Black dan Kain Buehler


Kali ini kami kembali menjual barang yang berkualitas dengan harga murah. Bisakimia Jual Murah Resin Mounting Black dan Kain Buehler  karena barang tersebut sudah tidak terpakai lagi.

Bahan bahan tersebut tadinya di pakai untuk penelitian yang bersinggungan dengan proses polishing. Namun sebelumnya bahan Al2O3 0.3 micron telah laku terjual dengan harga murah juga.

Hot mountng resin

Hot mounting compounds for use in hot-mounting presses.

Aka-Resin, Epoxy a black mineral filled thermosetting resin for the best possible mounting.
Aka-Resin, Acrylic a transparent thermoplastic resin for crystal clear mounts.
Aka-Resin, Melamine a white mineral filled thermosetting resin for universal good mounting.
Aka-Resin, Phenolic a black wood filled thermosetting resin for back filling1.
Aka-Resin, SEM a black carbon filled thermosetting resin for conductive mounting used in SEM work.

1Aka-Resin, Phenolic should never be used by itself due to the inherent high shrinkage that can cause major problems with contamination and scratches during polishing. It is highly recommended to cover the sample with a low shrinking resin and then back-fill with phenolic resin. All hot mounting resins can be back-filled with phenolic resin.

Kain buehler atau buehler polishing cloth 

Polishing cloths for metallographic sample testing are used along with an abrasive to remove layers of surface deformation and expose the material structure for analysis. A variety of different cloth types are available depending on the application.

Buehler’s metallographic polishing cloth pads are thoroughly tested and developed with MetaDi Diamond to provide a complete solution that delivers reliable results for each sample processed.

The type of polishing cloth used depends heavily on the material being processed and the requirements for the final analysis. With a variety of fabrics, weaves and naps, there is a cloth to fit every application.

Barang yang masih tersedia yaitu :

Kain Buehler 1 pack isi 10 Harga Rp.2.500.000

Resin mounting Black 5kg harga Rp.4.500.000

Jika berminat segera hubungi kami di 085217391557 untuk pemesanan

Jual Murah Resin Mounting Black dan Kain Buehler . barang sisa sedikit. Segera pesan sebelum kehabisan

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